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146th Signal Co. in Pictures
146th Signal Co., the Movie
SP5 Gray
71st Evac

The 146th Signal Company, Pleiku, RVN, 1971-72
The 146th EMS Shop, located precisely at 14.017256º N, 108.002115º E is still
visible today with Google Earth, but the landscape has obviously changed.

Tropo Screens, Pleiku, 1971. These towering landmarks made it easy to find our way back home to the 146th.

Covered parking keeps the driver's seat of the 146th's jeep dry. Our water tower structure is in the upper left corner.

We made house calls. We were serious about providing electronic maintenance service.

Randy Jenkins (l), Chester Crone (r), 1971

Chester Crone in a tongue popping choke hold. You find some of the strangest items in a war zone. 1971

Chester Crone (l), Randy Jenkins (r), 1971

Jim Strader, 1971. In his earlier life as a CB'er from Chicago he was known by the handle "The Bear".

The 146th EMS occasionally had a jam session.

SP5 Gray captured the opportunity to record some of those of those sessions:
"Jam Session" (1:03:17 mp3) and
"Guitar Talent" (01:10 mp3)

A 122 mm rocket struck the motor pool shed. The tropo screens, once again, make an appearance as a backdrop.

A 122 mm rocket detonated just outside an officers' latrine at the 71st Medevac Hospital, Pleiku, 1971. GI is in crater, digging out shrapnel. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Mascot of the 146th Signal Company

Mascots of the 146th Signal Company


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