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Pleiku RVN, 1971 by SP5 Schmidt

My all time favorite picture for content. Our gas burning 3/4 (ton) truck stalled in suburban Pleiku. Curiosity attracted the neighborhood kids but collectively they still couldn't fix our fuel problem which began back at the fueling tank when someone refilled the truck with diesel. 1971

I think these decorative balloons were rigid, not the blow-up elastic rubber kind we grew up with. 1971

Innocent children of war. 1971

Looking uphill from our stalled truck. 1971

A neighborhood temple or shrine (above and right). The colors were much more vivid than this picture shows. The flag appears to be similar to the French flag. 1971

Looking downhill from our stalled truck. 1971

Pleiku marketplace. 1971

Suburbs of Pleiku. 1971

More suburbs. 1971

Reminds me of a 7-11, only without the gas pumps.

The Vietnamese were very resourceful. The walls of this shop were formed from tin cans cut, flattened and linked into large sheets.

Pleiku neighborhood. 1971

Pleiku neighborhood. 1971

122 mm rocket harrassment. 1971

Daytime 122 mm rocket attack. 1971

122 mm rocket damage. 1971

These three pictures (left and above) were taken in the vicinity of II Corps Headquarters. The damage to the building was caused by a 122 mm rocket, a favorite weapon of harrassment from Charlie. The launch system was often just prop it up pointing in the right direction and shoot. But with no guidance system and a range of many miles to targets beyond sight, the VC couldn't actually target specific buildings or predict where they would strike. That poor accuracy played to their advantage since they were pretty much for harassment and we all knew that even low value targets were just as likely to be hit as the high value ones.

Camp Holloway, a major helicopter base. It had a big PX where we restocked on cheap (but quality) liquor, cigarettes, electronics and, of course, cameras. 1971

Mountains beyond Camp Holloway. 1971


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