The Peanut Whistle of the Central Highlands
and other Vietnam experiences of
Choo-Choo-Cherry Kid and Friends

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146th Signal Co. in Pictures
146th Signal Co., the Movie
SP5 Gray
71st Evac

Known as "Ho Chi Minhs", these sandals were made from discarded tires and inner tubes. Looking from the side, I counted 10 plies. It's impossible to imagine how much tread life remains.

Volunteer Peanut Whistle DJs chose anonymous nicknames when broadcasting. One of them used the handle "Goofy Grape" after the like-named Funny Face 'kool-aid' drink mix.

Military Pay Certificates (MPC)

MPC was issued to US troops to prevent the hard US dollar currency from falling into enemy hands which could then be used to finance the Viet Cong's war. To further limit illegal access to this US backed currency it was designated to be used only for exchange or purchases on military installations. However, that restriction was generally ignored.

To prevent hoarding and black market dealing in MPC, the circulating bills were periodically, without prior warning, exchanged for new issue bills. GI's generally had one day to swap their money on hand for the soon-to-be-worthless old paper. Vietnamese were not authorized to possess MPC and therefore not eligible to exchange their money. Similarly, GI's who could not explain unreasonalby large sums, would be left holding the 'bag'.

MPC, short for Military Payment Certificate, front.
Photo by SP5 Gray

MPC, short for Military Payment Certificate, back.
Photo by SP5 Gray

South Vietnamese Paper Currency (Piasters)

South Vietnam paper currency, front.
Photo by SP5 Gray

South Vietnam paper currency, back.
Photo by SP5 Gray

South Vietnamese Coins (Dong)

South Vietnam coins.
Photo by SP5 Gray

The newcomer's "A POCKET GUIDE TO VIETNAM" for US Military

Every thing we needed to know.
Photo by SP5 Gray

Mind your manners.
Photo by SP5 Gray

Would help to have some phonetic spelling here. ______________ In other words, no waterboarding?________
Photo by SP5 Gray

It was fascinating to experience such different customs and cultures,
especially the Montagnards (mountain people).
Photo by SP5 Gray

How to treat prisoners.
Photo by SP5 Gray


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